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Welcome, dear guests, to the tourism portal of Uzbekistan!

We invite you to visit sunny Uzbekistan and become our guest! You will receive memorable visit to the world-renowned cities - Samarkand Oriental pearls, noble Bukhara, fabulous Khiva, the capital of warmth of friendship Tashkent, the heart of the Golden Valley Fergana, the ancient center of Buddhism in Termez, etc. Have a good trip!

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"International Dance Festival “Raqs sehri” was held in fabulous UNESCO heritage city Khiva from 15 to 17 July 2016. The whole city was involved into festival, and whirled in dance, spilled with colours on the streets of ancient city and filled it with pure Uzbek beauty. It was the debut of the festival, which was held at the highest level and did not leave anyone behind.

Ikat - ornament, which conquered the world

Production of fabrics by hand existed since ancient times in Uzbekistan and, paying tribute to tradition, many manual production technologies are saved till today. Ikat technique is one of the oldest techniques of dyeing fabrics by hand.

The more fragrant, more delicious: the secret of Uzbek cuisine?

"... Until the smell of cooked dishes reaches Allah ..." - in one of the legends of the pilaf there are lines which indicate that the chef had to prepare unprecedented until dish would taste like the Creator. This could help in oriental spices, known for its flavors to the whole world.

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Music from the past: unique patterns of maqom

They say the most universal language is the language of music. Coming from time immemorial, it inexplicably embodied the strength of the people, building and ennobling the soul. Among the peoples of the Ancient East this spiritualized beginning is inherent in traditional classical music-vocal genre - "maqom".

What secrets are kept by the Uzbek skullcaps?

In Uzbekistan the skullcap is part of a national costume. However today, this element of a headdress became popular and among women of fashion of the capital.

Interesting facts about Uzbekistan

Sardoba Kaynargumbaz - ancient water source

In hot and dry climate of Central Asia, the water had a special place and importance. Water storage and a view of improvement in the towns and villages organized open water - House, along the caravan roads built special indoor pools - sardoba.

Uzbek national cuisine is one of the most colorful in the east

Many Uzbek recipes have a long history, there are about thousands of dishes and recipes whose origins can be traced from the times before the Turkic and Mongol invasions.


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Uzbek International Tourist Fair "World of Leisure" 2015

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